User reviews for Advanced Uninstaller PRO

"A must tool to keep your Windows healthy for FREE!!! A suite of reliable tools for a complete Windows Maintenance fully compatible with Windows 8." Dzadelis CNet user

"Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a simple to use app with some extras thrown in. I liked the Registry Optimizer and Backup features. I also liked that you could manage your add-on list easily. I have used other uninstallers that are no better than this one - with less features." Kercelia Fletcher CNet user

"It does a through job of getting all the file with the update. Also the amount of tools you have at your disposal is enormous. I`ve used this particular uninstaller for about 3 years now." Kly44 CNet user

"Hello! Ah... my first review! I downloaded this amazing program a few days ago and I still can't believe how good it is. It does a lot more than uninstall programs, I especially love how it deletes those parasitic "cookies", you just click on Mozilla Firefox Cookie Manager, select all, and voila - they are gone! I love my anti-spyware program but it has to scan one hour before it reaches those cookies and that is a little bit to "heavy" for my computer. Advanced Uninstaller Pro does not scan, it just removes them in less than a second, amazing! There is also a "File Shredder" and million other things, it's simply the best and I just found out it's free! Thank you INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS for your amazing generosity! I give it 10 stars!" LiliaMSU a CNet user

"Versatile Variety of system tweaking and management tools in one package. Takes less of load of system than many other conventional tools which do the same thing. User interface is extremely friendly. Terrific uninstall facility and program tracking.

Anyone with a critical thinking could not think of cons for this very useful utility software but someone with a critical attitude could of course come up with reasonable and unreasonable cons likewise. I do not consider that there are any significant flaws present in this program.

Terrific software, Highly recommended for novices who know little of computer systems but are willing to learn to manage and improve the system performance and durability likewise. Indeed an innovative solution to the tweaking problems of a general computer user. Fine package of utilitarian softwares!! Graceful indeed!! " Soft121kra CNet user

For many months, I've been plagued with a system stop error (BSOD) when my desktop is asleep. Microsoft read some of my mini dump files and told me several possible culprits, to no avail. Other community discussions also pointed to known software that might cause the issue. I uninstalled all of my large array of utilities and software programs, one at a time, and reinstalled them carefully with the latest versions. Nothing worked. Then, I saw Advanced Uninstaller PRO in a web search,and decided to try it. I backed up everything I valued, yet once again, and ran the utility; I was amazed at the things it found on my computer! Remnants of programs I uninstalled years ago. Since that run, I've never had the problem again. I plan to run the routine every week from now on. Thanks, Innovative Solutions! Nodnylevans CNet user

Please don't add anything else to Advanced Uninstaller PRO. All others that have tried have ended up with a clumsy package (e.g. System mechanic) taking up a lot of resources. You have the best package on the market - it has pride of place on my desktop and I speak from years of beta testing for Microsoft, IncrediMail, JV16 Power Tools etc! I rely on it and trust it!. Michael Tointon UNITED KINGDOM

I was glad to have come across your program which was mentioned in the CD supplied with "PC ANSWERS Magazine 133", to which I have been subscribing for several years. In the past, when running a similar facility included in "Fix-It Utilities 5", the Registry Cleaning has knocked out “My Computer” and I have had to revert to a save of the Registry (taken before the “cleaning” operation). I am pleased that with your program, even following all the ticked boxes, the machine worked O.K. after "cleaning".

I noticed a remark that your program senses what operating system users are running and tries to protect that. If this is so, then it's a very good feature!

Best wishes from London (where we are having a bit of a heat wave). Michael Tointon UNITED KINGDOM

I was glad to have come across your program which was mentioned in the CD supplied with "PC ANSWERS Magazine 133", to which I have been subscribing for several years. In the past, when running a similar facility included in "Fix-It Utilities 5", the Registry Cleaning has knocked out “My Computer” and I have had to revert to a save of the Registry (taken before the “cleaning” operation). I am pleased that with your program, even following all the ticked boxes, the machine worked O.K. after "cleaning". Michael Tointon UNITED KINGDOM

Hi folks; Well a friend told me about this program and told me it was the best program out there for uninstalling programs. If your a Microsoft windows user you know that there is usually no way to get around dumping your system after some time of use. I was getting ready to dump my system but before I did I figured I would try this out. Having the registry cleaner is a plus and getting rid of all the extra files that didn’t need to be on my system after uninstalls that other programs had left I have found that I won’t be dumping my system now. It’s running just like a new install again and with no problems at all. It was well worth the investment considering the fact of just how long it takes just to dump and reinstall just the operating system alone. Since I’m a college student and I do a lot of work on my computer for school it’s nice to know I can get though a semester without dealing with the normal windows issues you can have. It doesn’t make windows better but it does make it more tolerable to deal with. Thanks folks for the great program and will be interested in seeing what you come up with next.

I use this program quite extensively. It’s probably the best registry cleaner / optimizer I’ve seen in a very long time. Being a PC Tech, I know the mess that uninstalling programs can leave in the registry, and that’s before you count the headache of today’s spyware leaving garbage in there. I regularly try out new software, and uninstalling is a common thing for me. This program saves me so much time, in getting rid of the need to search the registry by hand. Thanks for such a great program. As for what I’d like to see in the next version?… Let’s put it this way, as good as it already is, anything else is just a bonus. Martin Clayton UNITED STATES

Hi-There, I have tried many of these type of programs, but all have given me problems, therefore I am very reluctant to part with my hard earned cash. Your trial program is just about to expire and I have really worked it hard to see the what the results would be, and I am very glad to say that It has given me no problems. My system seems clean of junk and runs very smooth, so a happy customer I will be, many thanks. Stefan UNITED KINGDOM

I think you have a great program. I bought the 2002 version a couple of years ago which was very good but is nothing in comparison with the 2004 version. I reckon you have covered everything the average user would want. If I think or anything I will be in touch. Christopher Casey IRELAND

I find the ease-of-use to be the primary feature of this fine produc. Unknown CANADA

I have just upgraded to the latest version. This seems to have covered all my current requirements. I do not know of any additional features but I am sure I will upgrade again when the next version becomes available. From a very satisfied customer. Clive Daniells BELGIUM

Advanced Uninstaller rescued me from an unrecoverable black screen of death on win 98. Just reverted to a previously saved registry and Bingo! THANKS!

One point , in safe mode the software is very difficult to navigate due to resolution, spill off the screen etc. Why not incorporate a ‘safe mode’ button to allow easier use in a recovery situation, which after all is one of the key purposes of the software. Mike Christmas UNITED KINGDOM

Find and remove spyware and adware you know those programs that install themselves while you are surfing the net and also a popup catcher that reports who from so you can send them some flaming emails HAHA. This is the very best program of this type that I have ever used , most of the other ones leave your PC needing repair of some sort and I’ve tried them all .I’m one of the old timers that doesn’t want all that garbage on his PC. Maybe you could investigate Windows and find out how to remove the report agents that send your private info back to Bill Gates. That would be all I can think of…. Thanks for working so hard to make it so easy… Merry Christmas Dave UNITED STATES

I have used various cleaners/uninstallers but was impressed enough to purchase yours and dump the others. Nice work! Pat Scott UNITED STATES

First: After having used the functions: “Quick Cleaner”, “Temporary Internet Files”, “Start Menu Cleaner”, “Uninstall Programs” I succeeded in reducing my close down time from 100 seconds to 17 and log in time from about 60 second to 15 – a miraculous result. There are probably a few things remaining to do. Generally the information coming up around the actual files to be manipulated is very good. After using “Quick Cleaner” I had to brush up some functions to get them to run smoothly. May be some further information about the “risks” using the different functions could be of interest. Nils Engström SWEDEN

This program "resurrected" my Widows. Great job with the registry cleaning tool. Best regards. Cycek.
Gregory (Cycek) POLAND

Although I use many of the features in the S/W, the feature I like and use the most often is the Startup Manager. Thank you for a valuable tool.
John P. Baniqued UNITED STATES

You are planning a new version? Excellent!! I have only used Advanced Installer Pro once and found it so easy to use and very functional, I managed to save 49 Mb just from deleting temp files and assorted junk that had accumulated on my very old PC with a 1.19 Gb Hard Drive! I wasn’t sure what was what until I used Advanced Uninstaller PRO as it simplified the process of elimination for me. What Improvement I would like is to be able to better identify cookies and temp internet pages so that I don’t delete the functional ones ~ Some sites wont allow you to visit if their cookie isn’t installed on your system ~ I have Ad Aware to remove the pesky spyware ones. When I’m not sure about removing something I just leave it and it takes up valuable HDD space so Advanced Uninstaller Pro has been so useful for me THANK YOU If you plan on changing anything about your amazing program PLEASE don’t change it’s appearance, I am only a very new PC User and I find simple, easy to read programs are far more functional than cluttered ones. Advanced Uninstaller Pro is so easy to use I didn’t even need instructions to use it. Keep up the good work and congratulations on creating such an amazing, functional program. Thank you! Christine T. AUSTRALIA

I’ve only been using the program for a week or so – I purchased it because of the features associated with clean up of internet files etc. To date it has performed these functions flawlessly, as it has all the other operations. The user interface is simple and well laid out, and at this stage I cannot fault the program or identify how it might be improved – should anything occur to me I’ll let you know!

Thank you for attending to my query and your company for making this program available. This is the best uninstaller package I have seen for a number of years it even takes the perils out of fooling with the registry to completely remove certain software. Having used an Amiga computer for a number of years and still enjoy playing around with it it’s nice to see some software finally for the pc that is as easy to use as the software for this older computer. It would be the icing on the cake if a lot more companies could follow your lead in making user friendly software available for people to use. The interface and gui are exceptional and easy to understand and the documentation is as easy for advanced and beginner alike to understand. Thanks again for your assistance and keep up the good work. Colin Norris AUSTRALIA

I personally think it’s a very well thought out piece of software – I congratulate Daniel and his team for a world class product! Well done! I am a big fan of this software already! How about a feature to uninstall software that for some reason has no uninstaller? This would be nice! I like the software so much I have just purchased an unlocking key! Ram UNITED KINGDOM

I am new to computers and I can only say that it does everything I want it to do I don’t see how you can improve on it. Thanks for letting me try your program. Syd Carter UNITED KINGDOM

Best I ever had the pleasure of using. You guys did a wonder job of designing your product. I’m happy to say that I’ve been recommending your product to all my friends. PS keep up the good work. Unknown UNITED STATES

The Advanced Uninstaller PRO is the easiest to use so far. Systematic and well arranged formats for uninstall of files and folders. The only problem I faced right now is unable to remove unwanted shortcuts in the desktop screen and folders in the startup/program menu when using the Startup Menu Cleaner. I find the Forced Entry Removal simply amazing and powerful which is in the Uninstallation Program. I hope it can be incorporated into the Startup Menu Cleaner as well. This is the only program so far that can help to erase those unwanted files, I salute you! I am looking forward to that program so that I can remove all those annoying you know what. Till then KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK it’s working beautifully. Yip MALAYSIA

About program uninstaller: you can’t improve a masterpiece!!! Pauline McCabe UNITED KINGDOM

Your software helps me to pull me out from important problems. I like Start Manager, I think this is the MOST important in your software. Robert Audet CANADA

The program executes great. The best I have ever used to help me maintain and manage my system. I love the way it is set up now. Brett Garrison UNITED STATES

A computer wizard friend in Los Angeles, California found your program on CNet I believe. He loved it. He’s responsible for about 35 computers at a large L.A. business. He told me about your program. Honestly I can’t think of any other features at the moment, but if I do, will pass the ideas on to you. Advanced Uninstaller Pro is terrific!!! I’ve told many friends about it. One friend had 49,000 Temporary Internet files stacked up on her new computer…something like 1,500 cookies…her machine was a mess. But, it’s all cleaned up now. She’s a believer! Congratulations on designing a smart and sexy program! Unknown UNITED STATES

The uninstaller is a great program! I purchased a program, and decided not use it. However, I couldn’t get it rid of it until I discovered the Advanced Uninstaller Pro. Man, after I installed this program "Sayonara", or something like that. Also I am able to delete history of embarrassing visits. This is the best thing since slice bread!!! Unknown UNITED STATES

As a novice user I would not like to offer an opinion, however I do find the present form easy to use and it certainly is more useful to me than what Microsoft’s offering. Regards J J Wand. Joe Wand UNITED KINGDOM

All parts of this application should be in the next version. Also, a defragging option which is like perfect disk would be excellent. The GUI is very nice, it’s easy to navigate and fun to use. Also a memory allocating / controlling application such as memory boost PRO would be handy. The hints are also appreciated and the “force entry removal” is very good! Ronal AUSTRALIA

This program is very easy to use and has actually helped me get a quicker startup. Programs were opening on startup that I was not using. AU allowed me to select and deselect without having to concern myself with the computer hanging. Because I am new to your program I am unable to make any constructive criticisms. Well done so far, keep up the good work. I am not sure this program is available in Canada but will look for it. Jack CANADA

The idea of having all maintenance achievable from one Window is marvelous. More warning explanation about the dangers of mistakes & the consequence of the errors. I’ve already recommended this Advanced Uninstaller PRO to my friends. Thank you, Tom Kaney Tom Kaney UNITED KINGDOM

I downloaded Advanced Uninstaller. In the process I was pleasantly surprised by the improvements it made to my system…… Thank you! Dallas Jordan UNITED STATES

I really was surprised at amount of internet temp files that was left behind that this software found and deleted them. I also like that it warns you before doing anything that is really is not necessary. Thank you! Denise A. Henderson CANADA

I have downloaded four uninstall applications from with the intention of screening and then purchasing the best. I mad a promise that I would wait out the whole trial period and then make a decision. Advanced uninstaller Pro is far and away the best of the lot. The other three were uninstalled immediately and I will probably not wait through the trial period. One glitch (or is it?) though. When I remove a cookie it just doesn’t go away. It might be because it is a trial version, but it is worrisome. Anyhow keep up the good work. Tom Garrity UNITED STATES

The program is very good and most people can afford it. I am using Windows XP Home Edition and your application is a wonderful way to make it even better top operate on my OS. J R Feenstra NETHERLANDS

I run it now twice and I find it till now very useful and easy to use. Good lay-out, easy to find wanted module. I will use it for some more trying-runs and I’m already thinking about buying (registering). Of course meanwhile I’m trying out some of your concurrent programs, but till now yours is best in being presentable and understandable for the common people. (please don’t look to close at my English, I’m a Dutch speaking Belgian). Greetzzzzzz, Marc Timbar BELGIUM

Very good I’m impressed. Je suis très impressioné Jacques Gagnon UNKNOWN

I used others clean software, but this is better. It’s easy to use. I like very much the section about Internet. I like option able/unable file. I don’t study yet about register. Handle estoy comenzando a usar el software y voy a segur investigandolo para conocer toda su potencialidad. Hasta el momento me ha. Gustado mucho, Anibal Anibal UNKNOWN

One of the best programs on my PC. Vic Green UNKNOWN

Great tool! This is the best program of it’s kind I have run across! I have been able to trash leftover pieces of the registry and finally cleanup bad uninstall items. I will be wanting to buy two copies one for each of my computers. Rick Fritz UNITED STATES

Very useful multi-function software package, well worth the money! The best cleaning software I have tried and bought. I will be pleased to recommend the package. Thank You. Geoff Thomas UNKNOWN

Extremely SAFE and easy to use. I highly recommend it. And I’m very skeptical and cautious! Barblane UNKNOWN

I really like this program not only for it’s ease of use but it really puts you in control or your computer and dishes out all of those unwanted files from using the internet which is really trash. I have high speed internet and I surf the web on a daily basis and I had my computer cluttered before this program. my computer now runs smoother and more efficient! Rolando Pereira UNITED STATES

I don’t know, just started using it. But I am very impressed. It is very thorough and easy to use. Both for the beginner and the advanced user. Keep up the good work. Sniper5050 UNITED STATES

I like it so far, very easy to use, and so far very dependable! John Gray CANADA

All of them, all the features are excellent and easy to use. I think that the program is already perfect, and of course the best. Unknown MEXICO

I have tested several programs and this is by far the best uninstaller there is. I like Advanced Uninstaller very much (and I’m a happy customer) because it rolls several very good utilities into one easy to use program. In addition to it’s powerful uninstall function it offers several other useful features like: automatically cleaning the Start menu of bad shortcuts, a manager for the programs which run when the computer starts, hiding and showing Start menu items, Internet cookie cleaner, etc. This program helps me keep my computer clean and helps me recover disk space. Michael UNKNOWN

I was just searching for a simple uninstaller to get rid of some programs that could not be removed by the Add/Remove of Windows – then I discovered some other interesting functions that this app encapsulates. There are many modules, each of them with a specific function somehow related to uninstalling stuff. Good! Jones Grahme UNKNOWN

While just searching for an uninstaller I found this little wonder here! :) It helped me remove all programs I wanted but what’s more interesting is that it comes with a lot of cute features – choose startup items, clear obsolete entries from the registry, clear traces of visited web sites and many many more! Clarence UNKNOWN

Nice utility, easy to use, good bang for the buck. Good work, developers! Rick UNKNOWN

I am a relatively inexperienced computer user but nevertheless wish to compliment you for what seems to me to be an excellent piece of software. I particularly like the simplicity of use, and speed of the program, and the wide range of useful features. Right now however, I cannot think of any further features I would like to see included. Perhaps in time something may come to mind. Hasko Davidson UNITED KINGDOM