Daily Health Check

Welcome to Daily Health Check, the new addition to the Advanced Uninstaller PRO suite!

Through this add-on we are making a new step forward in monitoring your PC’s health status. Daily Health Check will continuously monitor your

PC, scan for startup viruses, display a brief report when something comes up and allow you to perform all necessary maintenance tasks through one “Fix all” button!

Daily Health Check is a trial add-on included in the free suite Advanced Uninstaller PRO.

Give it a try and… enjoy!

Is Advanced Uninstaller PRO a free application ?

Yes, absolutely. Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a tool and will remain free. However, Daily Health Check is included in the Advanced Uninstaller PRO suite as a trial add-on. If you like the new add-on please purchase it. After the 20 trial days are over only this add-on will deactivate; Advanced Uninstaller PRO is still a free PC maintenance suite.

What is the price of the Daily Health Check add-on ?

Daily Health Check’s price varies depending on the subscription. However, if you prefer using Advanced Uninstaller PRO as a free tool, just as you did until now, there’s no problem at all.

Can I stop Daily Health Check from running each time my PC starts ?

Yes, it’s very easy to stop Daily Health Check from running at PC startup:

1. double click Daily Health Check’s system tray icon

2. in the upper right corner click on “settings”

3. look for "Automatically start Daily Health Check" then uncheck this option!