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AnalogX BanishCD version 8.5.5 was rated 30 in Advanced Uninstaller PRO

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AnalogX BanishCD average user rating 30

This is clearly a safe application. Our users gave it the maximum safety rating, meaning that you can install it on your PC without any worries.

User reviews

Name: BanishCD
Version: 1.01
License: Freeware
Developer: AnalogX LLC.
Homepage: http://analogx.com/contents/download/Syste...cd/Freeware.htm
Platforms: All version of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 7
One of the best ways to make Windows more convenient is to copy the CAB files from the CD onto your harddrive, so whenever you install any new hardware, you don't need to put the CD in your system. Unfortunately, Windows still ASKS for the CD, and you need to point it to where you copied the CAB files to, until now...
AnalogX BanishCD is a small utility that allows you to change the path that Windows will look for the CAB files. Normally, the only way this could be done would be to modify the registry manually, which is a very tricky process, and if you make a mistake it can be hard to repair. With BanishCD, you can quickly browse through your system and select the path, and just in case you make a mistake it will store the original path!
The original concept for this program came from The Screen Savers on ZDTV, which has a whole host of tips and tricks for tweaking your Windows system.