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Distinct safety ratings

Advanced Spyware Remover Free Edition version 8.1 was rated 30 in Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Advanced Spyware Remover Free Edition version 7.5.3 was rated 0 in Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Average user safety rating

Advanced Spyware Remover Free Edition average user rating 15

This is a safe application. Many users installed it and reported it as "safe". It won't cause any trouble or Windows instability.

User reviews

A good program which can also indicate a problem or problems with your XP installation
Apart from cleaning your hard disk, it provides a link to RegEdit - caution is always advisable before making any registry changes. It is a good program.
I find this a great program. If any program demands a computer restart for whatever reason, I would strongly suggest an immediate restart of the computer. It is my opinion that under no circumstances should two (or more!) programs requiring a restart for whatever reason be run consecutively (or simultaneously) before a restart to avoid whatever conflict of interest issues that may result.
A freeware program though donations are welcome but not solicited. A better cleanup program would be hard to find.
Care is best exercised when applying settings which enable the program to perform a cleanup when the computer starts or restarts. This is because based on your settings for the cleanup, a restart could be required anyway for cleanup to take effect. Two or more programs requiring a restart before their operations are completed is best avoided as complications & conflict of interest issues may result.
This is a great program, with the added plus of being free of charge; however, signatures of spyware mutate at the whim of the original hacker, so the signatures of this utility are somewhat outdated. I know this by reading through McAfee's Virus Information Library, and noting the numerous updates done on certain spyware due to changes made by the hacker.