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Distinct safety ratings

AIMP2 version 9.0 was rated 30 in Advanced Uninstaller PRO

AIMP2 version 8.5.5 was rated 30 in Advanced Uninstaller PRO

AIMP2 version 10.6 was rated 30 in Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Average user safety rating

AIMP2 average user rating 30

This is clearly a safe application. Our users gave it the maximum safety rating, meaning that you can install it on your PC without any worries.

User reviews

Interesting program (similar to WinAmp) but much better. More options, better design, better desktop integration, etc. Plus, the most important, it's free.
Fantastic audio player. Similar to Winamp but better from every aspect. Better default sound (XMplay engine), can use winamp plugins, great SDK for making skins… The best of all it’s specialized for playing audio files, thus doesn’t have all that unnecessary video and other add-ons. It’s lightweight, has good options for advanced users, accessible user interface, internal alarm… And all of this comes free of charge : )
Very good MP3 player.
Very nice Russian mp3 player. Good stuff!