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Distinct safety ratings

Adobe Shockwave Player version 8.5.4 was rated 20 in Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Adobe Shockwave Player version 8.4 was rated 10 in Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Average user safety rating

Adobe Shockwave Player average user rating 12

This is a safe application. Many users installed it and reported it as "safe". It won't cause any trouble or Windows instability.

User reviews

Adobe's more interactive version of the Flash player. It is generally required for games and other simple online (interactive) applications. A generally safe add-on.
I was not dismayed to see Adobe buy out Macromedia - quite the opposite, I was elated because Adobe performs, on the whole, more updates to their free software than Macromedia. And Adobe does enjoy a good reputation amongst 3rd-party software companies.
Runtime and plugin to view and play some games and web based applications