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Distinct safety ratings

dopus.exe version 9.1 was rated 30 in Advanced Uninstaller PRO

dopus.exe version 9.0 was rated 30 in Advanced Uninstaller PRO

dopus.exe version 7.6.3 was rated 20 in Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Average user safety rating

dopus.exe average user rating 26

This is clearly a safe application. Our users gave it the maximum safety rating, meaning that you can install it on your PC without any worries.

User reviews

Compared with the explorer and other filecopy progs is this Directory Opus the best of all. I mean not 10 times better but a 1000 times !!! DOpus starts automaticly every time you start the computer.
Everyone who has had the best computer ever made "the Amiga from Commodore" knows Directory Opus. At that time it was a dream having it on your Amiga. Let's say Directory Opus is more than 20 years old.
Directory opus is the best most usable explorer replacement in the world. Simple operations like copy, delete, move, show, play etc are a joy and require milliseconds rater than opening and closing window after window. I would say it speeds up operation of using windows by 10000%